4157 56/18 NE (B)

Speakers, computer, data

            A site specific installation, 4157 56/18 NE (B) refers to the wartime map grid reference on which the exhibition setting, Thames-side Studio sits, next to the Thames Barrier.  

September 7th 1940 saw the start of the Blitz with the first bombs being dropped on this area. Today, planes from London City Airport dominate the local environment.

By cross referencing times bombs hit the surrounding area on the first day of the Blitz to the flights coming into and leaving City Airport at the same date and time in 2018, the algorithms behind the piece construct an almost language.

A ‘spirit trumpet’, metaphorically rising and floating around the room, emits these ‘spirit voices’. As the machine performs its 'trumpet séance' voices are summoned telling stories of what is, what was and what has never been.

Part of ‘The Ghost Tide’, curated by Monika Bobinska and Sarah Sparkes.