What Language the Fox

Speakers, computer, barbed wire

            ‘What Language the Fox’ is a sound installation which begins with an act of looking, an act of exploration, searching for the over-looked and obvious.

This is an act that takes note of what is hidden in plain sight. This is an act through which patterns reveal themselves. These patterns, when treated to a specific act of interpretation, allow data to be extracted.

What Language the Fox unveils data hidden with the positions of barbs on barbed wire surrounding the fields of its installation site.

This data, when passed to a bespoke algorithm, forms an uncanny voice which addresses the area from which the data was collected.

This voice is of is the place itself. It speaks of boundaries, marks of ownership and what is hidden or simply not there.

Produced during a residency at Allenheads Contemporary Arts.

Listed for:
—  Blooom Award by Warsteiner