The Birds Sing Sweetly

Nightingale song, Thrush song, Google Street View (XXGF+G4 Boston), [Chrysanthemum (1877), Marigold (210367) Pink and Rose (1890), On Willow Bough (1897)], EU referendum data, bespoke algorithm.

Four single-channel videos with sound, 1 minute each

            A Thrush and a Nightingale can be heard arguing about matters at hand.

Algorithmically constructed, the birds sing songs of numbers and data - their song shaped by data surrounding the votes cast during the UK EU referendum of 2016.

One sings for a return to the past when we were satisfied, he's sure of that, the other for another contentment.

And how beautiful they are, the images the camera captures at this immortal hour, resting on a background of this earthly paradise.