Pardon the Dust

Speakers, computer, deleted Tweets

            When a tweet is deleted, it leaves behind an eighteen digit code, an imprint of a thought or feeling. That number could be considered a sequencer, a data string which when fed through an algorithm becomes a soundscape.

Captured from the live twitter stream, the audible output is dictated by what is being removed from the internet at that very moment in time to produce a very public creation of something intended to be obscured, undertaking a process of creation from the act of deletion, a process of revealing through the act of concealment as it algorithmically creates an almost musical score from digital debris.

As the machine plays back its composition at a low frequency, the audio can be felt as well as heard, reconfiguring the normally latent digital stream into an unescapable presence.

Shortlisted for MullenLowe NOVA Award, After Prize and Blooom Award by Warsteiner

Featured on:
 —  Vice: The Creators Project
 —  The Delights and Dangers of Digital
 —  MozFest 2016
 —  fadMagazine